Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences

Mission statement


The mission of the Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences (MFTK) is to provide quality education to its students and to play an active role in the transmission of cultural values. The Faculty’s co-operation with the faculties of engineering, information technology, business and economy, and agriculture provides a unique opportunity for our studentsto learn about the different perspectives, methods and was of thinking of these disciplines.

Ninety percent of our faculty members have a PhD – teaching and research are also facilitated by native-speaking foreign language instructors and international professors. Besides the classic undergraduate and graduate majors in the humanities, we also offer unique study programs – e.g. theatre studies, drama pedagogy, American studies, translation and interpretation, comparative literature and cultural studies). Our co-operation with the Institute for Social and European Studies in Kőszeg, and with the Hungarian peace-keeping mission troops, provides an unmatched perspective for majors in International Studies and Political Science. Students applying for the joint American studies program between the University of Pannonia and Nazareth College of Rochester, New York, USA, can earn an American degree. The portfolios of teacher training and the available languages – English, German, French, Italian, Russian – of the translation and interpretation program are extended with additional study programs and languages respectively. Preparing for exams and tests is facilitated by free on-line study materials and a 200,000-volume library with an on-line catalogue. Our students also have the chance to participate in study abroad programs and international practical training.

The research program on bilingualism and multilingualism joined by many researchers from several European institutions (Trinity College Dublin, the University of Groningen, Universität Erfurt, the University of Zagreb) is the result of two decades of research in psycholinguistics. The Faculty is planning to launch its PhD program based on this research program from the year 2015. The Sziveri János Institute, founded in 2010, is the regional center of contemporary literature and journal culture. Our research centers in literature, focusing on Comparative Literature and Genre Theory, have traditionally good relations with other Hungarian universities, as well as French, German, Italian, Serbian, and Russian partners, thus offering excellent opportunities for joint research and projects.

The Faculty has a nationwide network of language exam centers of the Pannon Language Exam – colleagues in this area play a leading role in language technology research and development.



Dean's Office, Building B, Assembly Hall, 1st floor, Tel: 88/624-005. e-mail: mftkdekani@mftk.uni-pannon.hu