Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences




The millennium-old town of Veszprém played a significant role in the area of humanities immediately after the conversion of Hungary to Christianity in the 11th century. Even the first higher education institution (Studium Generale) of the country was operating here until 1276. The school was promoted to university rank and its spectrum of majors widened following French examples by Béla III. The Pirarists, arriving in 1711 to settle down in the town, introduced a world class education and training in this ancient bishopric city. A tradition continuing for 237 more years in their school, located in the castle, and also in the church and community life of the town.


The predecessor of today’s University of Pannonia, the Veszprém University of Chemical Engineering, was founded in 1949. Its Teacher Training Faculty was established in 1990 to train experts in education and the humanities. Today, the university offers study programs in the areas of Engineering, Natural Sciences, Agriculture, Information Technology, Business and Economics, Humanities, Social Sciences and Pedagogy. The Faculty changed its name to Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences in 2007. It introduced new B.A. and M.A. programs following the Bologna-norms of European higher education starting in 2005.


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