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Veszprém – simply beautiful

Veszprém is the Town of Queens, the heart of the Bakony, where even history invites you to stay. 

 Veszprem Festival Days 2005 1

There are so many things to say about it: it is the place where Pannonia and the Mediterranean culture met with the north and the peoples’ migration; where Stephen and Koppány fought their battle; from where the nuns of Veszprém Valley spread Christianity; and this is the place where the first institution of higher education was established in our country that taught the seven liberal arts as early as the 13th century.

Today our town is proud of having a lively cultural and sports life inviting visitors from afar to enjoy our varied musical events, international festivals as well as the hottest youth jamborees – yet, at the same time, Veszprém has retained its friendly and welcoming historical atmosphere. The air is clean here and one feels like getting on a bus only after long strolls in the sparkling sunshine.

And we have not even mentioned the proximity of Lake Balaton … And the wonders of the Bakony Hills can not only be seen but also felt: as in Veszprém either the winds blow or the bells ring.


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