Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences

Master's Programme



MA in Applied Linguistics  [MAB 2008/6/IX/3/47.]



MA in American Studies

(american diploma, programme based on the agreement between University of Pannonia and Nazareth College, Rochester NY, special recruitment)


  • curriculum


 MA in English Studies [MAB 2008/2/X/3/17.]



 MA in Translation and Interpreting [MAB 2007/10/XII/3/45.]



 MA in Human Ecology [accreditation in progress]


  • curriculum


 MA in Hungarian Language and Literature Studies [MAB MAB 2008/8/V/36., MAB 2013/8/VIII/6.]



MA in International Relations [MAB 2007/7/XIV/3/30.]



MA  in Educational Science [MAB 2007/8/XII/3/80.]



MA in German Language, Literature and Culture [MAB 2008/8/V/37.]



MA in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies [MAB 2011/7/VIII/40.]



MA in Theatre Studies  [MAB 2011/7/VIII/40.]



MA in Teacher Education - curricula




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